Shoot Tales: Kris Por x Pink Dragon

The "Shoot Tales" blogging series is my way of presenting a photo set with a behind-the-scenes take on the action. Get in the head of this fashion stylist.

This shoot marked the beginning of my styling adventure. I've always loved fashion and wanted to become what I thought was a stylist, but it was only after some encouragement from a person whom I greatly respect, did I decide to take it seriously. I wasn't really sure where to begin. I reached out to an old coworker whose boyfriend had begun to make a name for himself in Vancouver, and coincidentally, they needed a stylist for a shoot they were working on and invited me on board. This is still one of my favourite shoots to date, and I owe a lot to Ashley Nickel and Kris Por.

The shoot's model was Katie Anne Johnson (previously known as 'Pink Dragon'), and we shot at Pink Elephant Thai on Alberni Street in Vancouver. I met with Kris and Ashley at Jennyfleur Loves... a few days before the shoot to prep outfits and picked them up on the morning of the shoot. I remember the first time I read an email about "pulling" wardrobe and I was so confused. I had this mental image that we would physically pull on clothes.

I carted all the wardrobe around in a big rolling suitcase and my stylist kit consisted of a few safety pins and three binder clips. I was so pleased with myself because I thought that I was so prepared. It didn't even occur to me to tape the shoe soles until Jennifer (store owner) mentioned it in passing the shoes over to me. I learned a lot from that shoot and felt completely jacked up once the day was over and everything had been brought back to the store. The day flew by and I started to feel like maybe this was a good choice for me. And then I had the absolutely quaint notion that I should expect money for this work, reasonably shortly. Commence the LOLz.

All images by Kris Por, styled by me. MUAH by Jessica Noujeim of MUAH Artistry.