August Boulevard

Last month I had the pleasure of working with local Chinese magazine, Vancouver Boulevard, on their August cover shoot with the divine Erin Cebula of ET Canada. The shoot took place in the BC Children’s Lottery Prize Home, located in Crescent Beach. Holt Renfrew generously agreed to let me pillage their store to outfit Erin in some of the chicest summer looks around.


The magazine ended up only using pictures where Erin was outfitted in Self-Portrait – I must say, they have excellent taste.


Shot by Alfonso Arnold, produced by Harry van Hemmen.

Woman in uniform

In the last few months of 2015, I increasingly began to hear about people eliminating choice and options in their wardrobe, opting for a capsule wardrobe. Some were taking this a step further and began to brand themselves by wearing a specific set or type of clothes…a uniform, if you will. (Read ‘Becoming Minimalist’)

While I didn’t really give it too much thought at the time, I found myself increasingly wearing the same sort of items in my closet continuously. I bought the same shirt over and over again, in different patterns and colours. Before I knew it, I had a uniform – and a quite recognizable one, at that.


Recently, I’ve been admitting to others that “I’m giving the uniform look a try”. I’ll admit, it has made my life easier and higher-functioning. Heck, I’m wearing my uniform as I write this – a long-sleeve t-shirt from Comme des Garcons, skinnies from Joe Fresh, black lace-up boots from Grenson, my Issey Miyake watch, Kate Spade studs, shark-tooth necklace, and completely run-down blacky fuzzy scarf from Aldo. This is me, every day.

All in my closet.

All in my closet.


Obviously, my ‘one look’ isn’t nearly as eye-catching as Beyoncé in a bodysuit and fishnets, or as ‘hobo chic’ as Mary-Kate Olsen in granny frocks and big shades circa 2006. For now though, it suits my on-the-go/sitting around lifestyle, while heavily reflecting who I am (former punk rocker) and where I’ve been (Tokyo – for all these awesome CdG shirts!)

Most of these, too.

Most of these, too.


Summer’s right around the corner, which presents a big challenge to my uniform. Thankfully, my CdG short-sleeve t-shirt collection is well on its way to support the transition